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Packing: non-recycled steel cylinder: 100g-1000g 11.3kg(30lbs), 22.7kg(50lbs) recycled steel cylinder: 400L, 800L, 1000L ISO TANK Molecular formula CH2F2/CHF2F2CF3/CF3C Molecular weight 86.2 Boiling point (℃) -43.8 Freezing point (℃) - Liquid 30℃(kg/m3) 1129.3 Critical temperature (℃) 87.3 Critical pressure (MPa) 4.63 Water solubility,25)% - ODP 0 GWP 1700 ASHRAE safety class A1 (non-toxic and inflammable)
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Packing: non-recycled steel cylinder: 100g-1000g  11.3kg(30lbs), 22.7kg(50lbs) 
recycled steel cylinder: 400L, 800L, 1000L ISO TANK


Physical properties

Molecular formula CH2F2/CHF2F2CF3/CF3C
Molecular weight 86.2
Boiling point (℃) -43.8
Freezing point (℃) -
Liquid 30℃(kg/m3)  1129.3 
Critical temperature (℃)  87.3
Critical pressure (MPa) 4.63 
Water solubility,25)% -
GWP 1700
ASHRAE safety class A1 (non-toxic and inflammable)

Quality standard

Purity ≧99.80%
Moisture ≦0.001%
Acidity ≦0.00001%
Residue on evaporation ≦0.01%
Chloride (Cl-) test  ≦0.0001%
Appearance Colorless and clear
Odor no odor



R-407C, as a widely used medium and high temperature refrigerant today, is used to replace R22 and R502. It has the characteristics of cleanliness, low toxicity, non-combustibility and good cooling effect. It is mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium commercial air conditioners (small and medium unit type Air conditioners, household central air conditioners, multi-connection), mobile air conditioners (automobile air conditioners, etc.), dehumidifiers, refrigerated dryers, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration and other refrigeration equipment. R407C, as a long-term replacement for R22, is mainly used in air conditioning and non-centrifugal refrigeration systems.


Storage and transportation

The R-407C refrigerant cylinder is a pressurized container. It should be stored away from fire, heat sources and direct sunlight. It is usually stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse; it should be lightly loaded and unloaded during handling to prevent cylinders and valves, etc. Accessories are broken. 


Refrigeration oil

The refrigeration oils usually used with R-407C refrigerant are: EMKARATE RL68H, RL170H, ICEMATIC SW68, SW220, etc.; which type of refrigeration oil is finally used in different equipment and different application places should be in accordance with refrigeration compressors and refrigeration (air conditioning) equipment The manufacturer's suggestion, or according to the specific conditions of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration equipment, determine the use of the refrigerator lubricating oil of the same design and the requirements of the technician, that is, select the equivalent refrigerator oil.


Packaging :

Non-reusable cylinder - 11.3kg


Elimination timetable

R-407C belongs to the HFC type non-azeotropic environmentally friendly refrigerant (completely does not contain CFC and HCFC that destroy the ozone layer). It is currently recognized and recommended by most countries in the world as the mainstream medium and high temperature environmentally friendly refrigerants. It is widely used in new refrigeration equipment. The initial installation and the addition during the maintenance process. It meets the standards of EPA, SNAP and UL of the US environmental protection organizations, and meets the A1 safety level category of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (this is the highest level and is not harmful to human health).


Theoretical cycle performance comparison of R-407C with R-22

Refrigerant R-407C R-22
Refrigeration capacity 1 1
Effective coefficient 6.27 6.43
Compression ratio 2.83 2.66
Release temperature of compressor ℃ 75.1 77.3
Release pressure of compressor kpa 1763 1662
Temperature glide ℃ 4.9 0

Note: temperature——Condenser: 43.3℃, evaporimeter: 7.2℃, cryogenic cooling: 2.8℃, overheat: 8.3℃.



R407C refrigerant is the easiest choice to replace Freon R22 on newly installed refrigeration equipment (usually for air conditioning systems); however, because R407C and R22 have different physical and chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance, and compressor oil, etc., so for the initial installation of R22 After-sales maintenance of refrigerant refrigeration equipment, if you need to add or replace refrigerant, you can still only add R22, usually R407C cannot be directly replaced R22 (exchange replacement is not possible; but for the first installation of refrigeration equipment using R22 , R22 can be directly replaced with R417A during maintenance or replacement). R407C can be used in the original R22 system, no need to redesign the system, just replace a few parts of the original system, and replace the mineral refrigeration oil in the original system with a lubricating oil (POE oil) that can be miscible with R407C, and it can be directly charged R407C, realize the environmental protection replacement of the original equipment. Since R407C is a mixed non-azeotropic working fluid, in order to ensure that its mixed composition does not change, R407C must be charged in a liquid state. If refrigerant leakage occurs in the R407C system and the performance of the system changes significantly, the remaining R407C in the system cannot be recycled and used, and the remaining R407C refrigerant in the system must be emptied and recharged with new R407C refrigerant.

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