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12 2022-12

The competition in the air separation market is fierce. Watch the multinational chemical giants talk about how to invest in the Chinese market

China's chemical industry surpassed the United States to become the first in the world. When did this happen? year 2010! The Chinese market is undoubtedly fatally attractive. For global chemical giants such as BASF, Bayer, INVISTA, LANXESS, and Praxair, this market always seems to have boundless imagination. Accompanied by the high growth of China's petroleum and chemical industry for more than 30 years, multinational chemical companies have developed from simply exporting products, to establishing offices, to building factories, to establishing sole proprietorships and joint ventures, and to systematic localization. Process - Together with many partners in China, they have promoted the sustainable development and prosperity of the entire chemical industry. However, in 10, 20, or even 30 years, have multinational chemical companies really "understood" China? The realistic answer is clearly between yes and no. The only certainty is always "change". Gone are the days of welcoming chemical giants with flowers, champagne, red carpets. There is no more accurate description of the mentality of multinational chemical companies in China than "crossing the river by feeling the stones". However, Chinese companies have to cross the river by feeling the stones themselves, and it is difficult for foreign companies to surpass this stage. And - for more than 30 years, many companies have rolled into the river without touching the stone. The industrial process here may be a thousand miles away, and the changes in policies, partners, competitors, and technology levels here may also be dazzling; the Chinese market is sometimes still confusing for multinational chemical companies. Standard Porter's Five Forces Analysis and Boston's Five Forces Analysis The Matrix is ​​no match for Sun Tzu's Art of War and conventional wisdom. Even if they are proficient in studying the speeches of Chinese state leaders, even if they are familiar with "Chinese characteristics", the pressure and risks faced by some chemical giants are obviously no less than the expectations brought by opportunities. Management professor Juan Antonio Fernandez has long studied the Chinese business environment. In his book "Relationship", he likened that there is often a certain degree of disconnection between multinational companies and Chinese partners (officials, clients, buyers), just like a pair of dance partners, the male dance partner always wants to dance too fast, while the female dance partner always wants to dance too fast. On the other hand, being careful, how to keep pace with China's business environment is a difficult lesson for multinational companies - and some multinational chemical companies are no exception. Then, for the chemical giants who have deeply cultivated the domestic market in China and gained a competitive position here, what are the opportunities and risks they see in the face of the new normal, new policies, new environment and new opponents? In this regard, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation conducted a survey, and they fully communicated with the executives of more than ten multinational companies such as BASF, Dow, and Bayer, and obtained valuable first-hand information. Although the strategies, markets and investment strategies of different companies are very different, their opinions and judgments also have obvious similarities. Overall, it can be summed up as follows: the importance of the Chinese market is unquestionable, and the investment in the most Chinese market will basically remain at a considerable level in the future. However, concerns about overcapacity in the industry continue unabated; energy demand, water resources, urbanization, demographic changes, and motorization may bring about profound changes in the industry; more focus on cost control, profitability, value growth, and R&D markets Orientation; full of expectations for the market-oriented reform in the chemical industry, and full of desire for a fairer and freer market environment. Qian Mingcheng, President of LANXESS Greater China: Generally speaking, innovation that does not adapt to the market has no future, and the two must be closely related. Historical experience has proved that even if a good product is developed, it will be eliminated without the support of market demand. Based on the core business of LANXESS itself, we believe that the future global development will face four major trends: green motorization, urbanization, clean water demand and sustainable development of agriculture. LANXESS is particularly optimistic about motorization and urbanization. In the last 30 years of reform and opening up, the industry must be transformed and upgraded in order to adapt to future challenges. Transformation is a painful process. During the process of transformation, the requirements for safety, environmental protection and health are constantly increasing. This is a process of big waves. The transformation and upgrading of
07 2022-01

2016 Beijing China Refrigeration Exhibition

The company will participate in the 2016 Beijing China Refrigeration Exhibition, April 7-9 Booth No.: E3C64 Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide.
04 2016-01

Warm congratulations on the launch of the website of Quzhou Xiecheng Chemical Co., Ltd.!

Warm congratulations on the launch of the website of Quzhou Xiecheng Chemical Co., Ltd.!
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